Grading: *, **, ***

All our music is effective in performance, and will reward effort in preparation. That said, some pieces are not as difficult as others. We grade it with one, two or three stars for “complexity”, meaning

* straightforward for sightreading or learning by ear;

** a group which is used to singing in parts will get the notes in a couple of run-throughs;

*** all the rest: see the music and decide for yourself.

This is far from a precise categorisation, but we hope it will be helpful.

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Scottish (Scots and English)

Scottish Gaelic


Christmas/midwinter/New Year


Young voices


Our music ...

... is mostly by living composers. We have songs for mixed voices in four parts, women's voices, men's voices, young voices, and many other combinations. We have secular music, religious music, and plenty of Christmas music. We have contemporary music alongside music based on folk/world/traditional sources. And we have a good selection of songs from Scotland.

In our catalogue you can find pieces well within the capacity of a group of average skill, but never at the expense of musical quality or audience appeal. There is plenty of more challenging music too.

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