Music: Sheena Phillips. Words: Jean Kenward (1920–)
treble voices (unison) and piano
performance time approx 2m 20s
Range: c' – c''
Complexity: *

See a perusal copy of the music.
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This piece is the first in the set Two carols for treble voices
The next piece is The feast of Christmas
Carol is sold only in the set Two carols for treble voices, and is not available for sale as an individual piece.
Images of candles and quietly sung Alleluias form the backdrop for a series of hushed but excited questions about Christmas. This is a very simple carol for young treble voices, based on just two phrases – one used for questions, the other for Alleluias. The piano plays a charming countermelody. Revised edition (2012).


Candlewax and candlewhite,
tell me: when it's Christmas night

Will the tree be dressed and lit?
Can I come and look at it?

Will the Star be in the sky?
Will the kings go riding by?

Will the shepherds watch their sheep
patiently, nor fall asleep?

Will the angels shine, and sing
Alleluya! Christ is king?

Candlewax and candlewhite...
Yes, my love, on Christmas night.

words © Jean Kenward and used with permission
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