The feast of Christmas

Music: Sheena Phillips. Words: Jean Kenward (1920–)
treble voices, unison with optional harmony & piano
performance time approx 1m 30s
Range: g' – d'' / lower harmonies: d' – g' / upper harmonies: g' – e''
Complexity: **

See a perusal copy of the music.
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This piece is the last in the set Two carols for treble voices
The first piece is Carol
The feast of Christmas is sold only in the set Two carols for treble voices, and is not available for sale as an individual piece.
A joyful — and simple — strophic carol for treble voices. The unadorned melody can be sung throughout, but simple lower and upper harmony lines are given. Revised edition (2012).


Pull the bells until they ring!
Let the people dance and sing!
Joy to all, this cold morning –
surely, it is Christmas!

Though the frost upon the bough
marks the crust of winter now,
every creature must allow
Christ was born at Christmas!

In the darkness of the year
humbly human came He here –
promised that He would appear
at the time of Christmas.

Angels, on that holy night
shone with uncreated light –
told the shepherds on the height
Who was born at Christmas!

Brightness gathered in the air –
what a miracle was there!
God and man united were
in the heart of Christmas!

Therefore we must merry be,
dance and carol, dress the tree...
He is with us! Come and see...
share the Feast of Christmas!

words © Jean Kenward and used with permission
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