Getting started

Music: Antonio Caldara (1670 — 1736) arr. Sheena Phillips. Words: Sheena Phillips
performance time approx 1m 10s
Range S1/S2/A1: b♭ – e♭ / A2: b♭ – g'
Complexity: **

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This piece is the first in the set Knitting patterns
The next piece is Cable stitch
Getting started is sold only in the set Knitting patterns, and is not available for sale as an individual piece.


Knit one and purl one, and knit one and purl one…..

Cast on and knit one, and purl one,
Then knit, then purl,
Then knit one more, and purl again.

And on the next row, you just do the same again:
Purl, then knit, then purl, and so on.

And in an hour or two you’ll have a fine scarf
That stretches round and round your neck.

Sheena Phillips
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