Psalm 19

Music: Heinrich Schütz (1585 — 1672). Words: Jennifer Loren Bell (based on the Becker Psalter)
performance time approx 2m 15s
Range S: d' – e'' / A: c' – g' / T: e – c' / B: F – a
Price code: A
Complexity: **

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This piece is part of the set Seven psalms
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One of a set of seven delightful psalm settings by Heinrich Schütz (from Opus 5, Becker Psalter settings) in fresh English paraphrases. Schütz's psalms are tuneful, rhythmic, easy to learn, and useful throughout the year.

A guide to the liturgical use of the psalms is included.


The heav'ns, Lord, tell with delight
Of your great and glorious might.
And the firmament makes known
All your gracious hand has done.

Day speaks to another day,
Night to night their knowledge say.
Though their voices are not heard,
God's praise sounds through all the world.

Bringing joy to earth, the sun
Rises up, his course to run,
As the son God calls his own
Comes forth to ascend His throne.

Forth from out his chamber there
To the royal hall so fair,
Now the champion, God and man,
Races o'er the heavens' span.

His path does the Lord ordain
To soar, then return again.
Nothing can escape his heat,
Climbing to the Father's seat.

May your word, Lord, richly share
Its rewards so great and rare.
And may we in fear and awe
Strive to keep your perfect law.

© Jennifer Loren Bell 2012, used with permission.

Die Himmel, Herr, preisen sehr dein göttliche Macht und Ehr,
Auch die Feste rühmt die Gnad', die dein Hand gewirket hat.

Ein Tag sagts dem andern an, durch die Nacht wirds kund getan,
Allen Sprachen wirds bekannt, Gotts Lob geht durch alle Land.

Schön geht auf die liebe Sonn, bringet der Welt Freud und Wonn,
Gottes eingeborner Sohn kommt herfür aus seinem Thron.

Er geht aus der Kammer sein, dem kön'glichen Saal so rein,
Gott von Art und Mensch ein Held sein Weg er zu laufen eilt.

Sein Lauf kommt vom Vater her und geht wieder zum Vater,
Fährt hinunter zu der Höll und wieder zu Gottes Stuhl.

Herr, dein Wort uns reichlich lehrt und mit großem Lohn verehrt,
So wir nur als treue Knecht in deiner Furcht bleiben recht.

Cornelius Becker (1561 — 1604)

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