A choral sheet music collection

Canasg offers unique, diverse, high quality, and very reasonably priced choral arrangements and compositions from a fold of over 30 composers in the UK and North America, with a strong focus on traditional and folk music settings. Search our catalogue and find something new!

We deliver by e-mail in PDF format for you to print yourself

See below for more detail on how to download sample copies or order music.

We offer a different deal from “printed-paper publishers”. The main feature is that copying is allowed.

When you buy music from us, you get a PDF file, and you get a licence to print as many copies as you need, for the exclusive use of one choir or group of singers. You can also reprint whenever you please, so that you can replace copies that get lost or worn out. There's nothing more to pay after your original purchase, no matter how many copies you print. There is no time limit on the licence.

The licence does not allow you (or anybody else) to give, lend, hire or sell copies to any other person or group, in any printed or digital format.

The PDF file that we send is not editable, but you can choose which pages to print (e.g., to save paper by leaving out the title page) and what format to print in (e.g., scaled up to make it easier to read with poor eyesight).

You can download a sample PDF from this site, and make a printed copy for your own use. It will be overprinted “sample”. It isn't licensed for rehearsal or performance.

We do not charge a price per copy. You pay according to the size of your group. There are four price bands: 'Up to 12 singers', 'Up to 24 singers', 'Up to 49 singers' and 'Any size'.

Price Band A B C D E F G
Up to 12 singers £6 £8 £10 £12 £14 £16 £21
Up to 24 singers £9 £14 £18 £23 £27 £32 £40
Up to 49 singers £12 £19 £26 £34 £41 £48 £60
Any size £16 £25 £34 £45 £54 £64 £80

The table shows prices as of 2024.

We sell through the world-wide web.

You pay via PayPal, which lets you use your debit or credit card. You don't have to have a PayPal account. No information about your card reaches Canasg. There's no other way to pay through our website.

There are no delivery charges or other supplements on the price in our catalogue.

Our prices are in UK pounds. If you're not in the UK, your credit/debit card will handle the currency conversion.

We can accept orders by e-mail if that suits you better than our on-line procedure. For example, we can e-mail an invoice before you pay, or we can price your order in $US or Euros.

We usually send the files as attachments to e-mail, within twenty-four hours of your order. PDF files are prepared individually, so please don't expect instant delivery. Other on-line delivery routes are possible.

We do not deliver printed copies on paper.

Click the “buy” link for the piece you want, and you'll find a very simple form to complete. It asks for the name of the group that will use the music, and also for the size of the group (small groups pay less). Once that's done, click “Add to Cart”. Then you can order another piece, or you can use the “View cart or go to checkout” link. That will take you to PayPal's website where you actually pay (credit cards are accepted even if you don't have a PayPal account). PayPal asks for some of your details, but it reveals only your address to us.
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You can e-mail us via the link at the foot of this page. We're always interested in your suggestions and your experience with using this web site.

Canasg Music keeps some information about you if

  • you have bought music from us (we keep accounts, and we keep what PayPal tells us about you: your name, e-mail and postal addresses, and the name of the group that is licensed to use the music that you buy)
  • you have emailed us (we keep emails)
  • you have accepted an invitation to join our mailing list (we keep e-mail addresses)

Apart from that, we keep no records of our customers or visitors to our website. We gather and keep only information that you knowingly and willingly give us.

We don’t tell anybody else what you have bought or how you have used our site. If you give a publicly advertised performance of one our pieces, we might mention that in our publicity.

Our website does not place cookies on your devices (but PayPal may leave cookies). It does not run scripts on your device.

Your payments are handled by PayPal, and information about how you pay is never passed on to us. That means, for instance, that we don't have your credit card number.

If you want to be taken off our mailing list, you can find an “unsubscribe” link in every mailing that we have sent you.

If you're interested in having your music published by Canasg, we'd like you to be aware of how we sell music. The deal is a bit different from how other publishers operate. We charge comparatively little for the music we sell, so you cannot expect to make a lot of money. On the other hand, we do pay out a much larger proportion than normal of our turnover to composers. After we have deducted PayPal's fee from a sale, we give 30% to the composer (or share the 30% between the composer and other rights holders such as the lyricist). We don't take over your copyright to your music. We simply ask that you grant us enough rights to do our business, and that you allow purchasers all the usual rights to perform and record; and that you don't offer the same music to other publishers while it's in our catalogue. In particular, we don't insist on having recording rights. If you want to retain and manage those rights for yourself, then you can. Because we don't sell music on paper, we never run out of stock. You won't get into that frustrating situation where a customer wants to buy your piece that has gone out of print, and the publisher doesn't want to do another print run. On the other hand, if you get frustrated because a piece isn't selling through our catalogue, we will let you withdraw it and offer it to another publisher.
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