Updates and musings from Canasg

  • A Palestinian prayer for peace

    On October 15, Hamas launched terrible attacks on Israel, and in their wake Israel has hit back with terrible force at the people living in the Gaza Strip.  Singing can’t…
    15 October 2023
  • A fresh look for Canasg Music

    An introduction to the new Canasg website.
    1 October 2023
  • I Saw Three Ships Come Sailing In

    I’m dipping into the Canasg catalogue to draw your attention to a really fun, easily learned, arrangement by Paul Ayres of this traditional English carol. If, like me, you sometimes…
    22 September 2023
  • Etymology of the word ‘choir’

    A piece of etymology that I love is this one from the wonderful Online Etymology Dictionary, on the etymology of the word ‘choir’. It’s fairly clear that ‘choir’ comes from…
    22 September 2023
  • A deliberate rag-bag of a catalogue

    One of my favourite collections of poetry is The Rattle Bag, edited by Ted Hughes and Seamus Heaney. (And ‘Rattle bag’, or ‘rattlebag’, has the same meaning as ‘rag-bag’.) It…
    30 September 2023
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