A Manx lullaby

Music: Frances Cockburn, Words: Trad. Anon

Voicing: SATB

Performance time approx: 2m 30s

Range S: e'♭ – f'' / A: d' – e''♭ / T: e♭ – f' / B: A♭ – a♭

Price code: B


A warmly harmonised setting of a traditional Manx lullaby, featuring three-part female voice and male voice verses interspersed with SATB refrains, with a rich SATB verse to finish.

O hush you my baby, O hush you my love:

When lilacs are lush and bees in the blossom,
When cuckoos are calling and blackbirds do sing;
O sleep in your silence, babe of my bosom,
As through the green boughs your cradle I swing.

O smile in your sleeping, my beautiful baby,
Although our ship's rocking and waves they rise high;
Far o'er the wild water, wherever our way be,
O child of my heart, 'tis safe you shall lie.

On green hills afar the shadows they darken,
The moon's silver cradle is shining above;
Within it I'll lay you, and there you shall hearken
The songs that the stars sing, O child of my love.

Trad. anon.

Card ImageWorld, traditional, folk

A Manx lullaby

Frances Cockburn


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