Ay waukin, o

always awake

Music: 17th c. anon. arr. Sheena Phillips, Words: Robert Burns (1759-1796)

Voicing: SATB

Performance time approx: 2m 40s

Range S: d' – e'' / A: b – g' / T: e – d' / B: G – f#

Price code: B


This simple arrangement of Robert Burns’ beautiful song of longing for an absent lover allows the words to come through without interference.

The recording is by Rudsambee Company of Singers, directed by the composer. It is on the album citrus and honey (RUBEECD002). There are some minor differences between the recorded and the published version.

Ay waukin,O,spacer[always awake]
Waukin still and wearie;
Sleep I can get nanespacer[none]
For thinkin on my dearie.

Simmer's a pleasant time, spacer[summer]
Flowers of ev'ry colour;
The water rins o'er the heughspacer[runs over the bank]
And I long for my true lover.

When I sleep I dream,
When I wauk I'm irie;spacer[apprehensive]
Sleep I can get nane
For thinking on my dearie.

Lanely night comes on,spacer[lonely]
A' the lave are sleepin;spacer[all the others]
I think on my bonny ladspacer[beautiful]
And I bleer my een wi' greetin.spacer[I blear my eyes with weeping]

Robert Burns

Card ImageScottish

Ay waukin, o

Sheena Phillips


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