Catalogue no. 2051

Kis kece lányom

Music: Trad. arr. Sheena Phillips, Words: Trad. Hungarian, English paraphrase by Sheena Phillips

Voicing: SATB

Performance time approx: 2m 45s

Range S: d' – e'' / A: a – a' / T: g – f' / B: c – a

Price code: C


This enchanting song, collected by Béla Bartók in the Tolna region of Hungary, is widely known as a children’s song but was traditionally a kiházasító népdal  – a ceremonial song for sending off a young married couple to their own house.  The tune has also been arranged, with different lyrics, as a campfire song (Tabortuznel by Lajos Bárdos) and as a love song. 

In this gentle arrangement, the tune is passed between the different voices, supported by slow-moving harmonies.

Kis kece lányom, fehérbe’ vagyon,
Fehér a rózsa, kezébe’ vagyon.
Mondom, mondom, fordulj ide, mátkám-asszony.(x2)

Ciprusi menta, kajtali rózsa,
Elmennék táncba, ha szép lány volna.
Mondom, mondom, fordulj ide, mátkám-asszony.(x2)


White is the dress of my graceful girl,
White is the rose that is in her hand.
Turn to me, I say to you, my bride. (x2)

Mint of Cyprus, rose of Kajta,
I’d go to the dance, if there’d be a beautiful girl.
Turn to me, I say to you, my bride. (x2)

András Demeter

Card ImageWorld, traditional, folk

Kis kece lányom

Sheena Phillips


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