Come hither boy

Music: Sheena Phillips (ed.), Words: Anon

Voicing: 3 or 4 part equal or mixed voices

Performance time approx: 1m 00s

Range: b♭ – e''♭ (eleventh)

Price code: A


This piece is part of the set "Rounds from Jane Chattock's book".

The set also includes:

This little lesson on money management is one of many rounds found — long after her death — in a small music manuscript book inscribed with the name of Jane Chattock. The book, which turned up in a second-hand bookshop in Edinburgh, is dated November 1832, and the entries are in many different hands, suggesting that Jane invited friends and visitors to add rounds to her collection. Some, like this one, are well known; others we had not come across before.

Come hither, Boy, come hither, boy:
If thou wilt learn to thrive, then come away.

Then come away, then come away,
And hearken to this lesson here today.

You must often borrow, seldom lend,
And never, never, never, never pay.

Attrib. to John Hilton

Card ImageWorld, traditional, folk

Come hither boy

Sheena Phillips

3 or 4 part equal or mixed voices

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