Hairst the licht o' the müne

Music: Sheena Phillips, Words: William Soutar (1898-1943)

Voicing: SATB

Performance time approx: 1m 30s

Range S: f#' – e'' / A: c#' – a' / T: e – e' / B: G – e

Price code: B


This little poem of magical assignments — making gowns of moonlight and shoes of sunlight — is a sparkling gem.

The recording is by the Magpie Consort, Ohio, directed by Sheena Phillips.

Other William Soutar settings published by Canasg include Ballad, Day is düne, and a set of Three Soutar Songs for children’s chorus and piano.

Hairst the licht o' the müne [hairst — harvest, licht — light]
To mak a siller goun; [siller — silver]
And the gowdan licht o' the sün [gowdan — golden]
To mak a pair o' shoon: [shoon — shoes]

Gether the draps o' dew [gether — gather; draps — drops]
To hing about your throat; [hing — hang]
And the wab o' the watergaw [water-gaw — water-spider]
To wark yoursel' a coat: [wark — work, make]

And you will ride oniewhaur [oniewhaur — anywhere]
Upon the back o' the wind;
And gang through the open door [gang — go]
In the wa' at the world's end. [wa' — wall]

William Soutar

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Sheena Phillips


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