Music: David Howse, Words: David Howse

Voicing: Treble voices and piano or guitar

Performance time approx: 3m 30s

Range: d' — d''

Price code: C


Snowflakes is a delightful whirl of excited vocabulary about snow and winter. The song is also an invitation to gather, like the snowflakes, and pass ‘joy and sharing, love and caring’ around the world. The vocal part is simple and steady while the accompaniment (loosely inspired by the anonymous guitar classic Romance d’Amour) evokes the snowflakes themselves.

The piece can be performed with piano or guitar. We also supply an MP3 backing track in case you do not have access to either of these instruments.

David Howse is a retired primary teacher who, in the course of his career, wrote numerous songs for his KS2 (7 – 11 year old) classes and school performances. Canasg is delighted to publishing Snowflakes, the first of a series of winter songs.

Deepest winter,
I am waiting
for tomorrow,
night sky gazing,
thoughts are racing
round and round like
tree light flashes,
paintbrush splashes,
hither, thither,
hither, thither…

Snowflakes tumbling down,
Scattering to the ground,
Snow flakes tumbling down,
Gathering all around…

Waking, whirling,
falling, lifting,
floating, flying,
shiny brightness,
crispy lightness,
fir trees sparkle,
cascades, ringing,
skating, ski-ing,
reaching out
across the world…

Turning times,
a new beginning,
we’re together,
hear the sounds:
the joy, the sharing,
love and caring,
presents, feasting,
peaceful greeting,
passing smiles
around the world…

Tumbling snowflakes,
scatter, gather,
gather, gather,
gather, gather,

Passing smiles
around the world,
joy and sharing,
love and caring,

Passing smiles
around the world,
gather, gather,
gather, gather,

Gather, gather all around!

Lyrics © David Howse 1981 and used with permission

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David Howse

Treble voices and piano or guitar

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