The seeds of love

Music: Trad. arr. Douglas Cook, Words: Trad. Anon

Voicing: SATB

Performance time approx: 1m 30s

Range S: c' – d'' / A: b – b' / T: d – e' / B: G – a

Price code: B


In this quaint traditional song, a woman describes how she turned love down in her youth but still has hope for the future.

I sow'd the seeds of love, and I sow'd them in the Spring,
I gathered them up in the morning so soon, while the small birds sweetly sing.

The gard'ner was standing by, and I asked him to choose for me.
He chose for me the violet, the lily and the rose. But those I refused all three.

The willow tree will twist and the willow tree will twine.
I oftentimes have wish'd I were in that young man's arms that once had the heart of mine.

Come all you false young men, do not leave me here to complain,
For the grass that has oftentimes been trampled underfoot, give it time it will rise up again.

Traditional English (from Oxfordshire)

Card ImageWorld, traditional, folk

The seeds of love

Douglas Cook


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