Winds of the world

Music: Frances Cockburn, Words: Marion Angus (1865-1946)

Voicing: SATB

Performance time approx: 1m 15s

Price code: B


This piece is part of the set "Three Marion Angus songs".

The set also includes:

This is a setting of Scots words in a lilting Scots folk idiom

To me this is a wistful and yet optimistic song about love: it can be blown away like a flower in the wind, but it still leaves a trace in the heart.

I heard my name at gloamin' late [half-light, dusk]
I heard it cried sae clear and sma', [so clear and small]
But ere my fit was at the yett [before my foot was at the gate]
The wind had blawn the soond awa'. [blown the sound away]

A rose o' love grew at my door,
I happit it frae frost and snaw; [covered it]
A sough o' wind cam' ower the moor, [sigh]
The wind has blawn the rose awa;.

Nae cry to hear, nae floo'er to fa' ; [flower]
Noo blaw the wind frae ony airt [now blow the wind from any direction]
The thocht o' them it ne'er can blaw [thought]
Frae the warm shielin' o' my hairt. [shelter]

Marion Angus

Card ImageScottish

Winds of the world

Frances Cockburn


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