Catalogue no. 6002

The princess Anastasia

Music: Sheena Phillips, Words: William Soutar

Voicing: treble (SA) chorus & piano

Performance time approx: 1m 30s

Range S: c' – e''♭ / A: b♭ – c''

Price code: A


This piece is part of the set "Three Soutar songs".

The set also includes:

A dreamy melody, inflected with flattened 3rds, 6ths and 2nds, is paired with a delicate piano accompaniment representing flickering starlight and glistening tears. The two vocal parts move together throughout, so some security in part-singing is required.

The Princess Anastasia
Look't frae the turret wa'; [looked from the turret wall]
And saw ahint the mirkl'd hill [ahint ~ behind; mirkl'd ~ darkened]
A flichterin star fa'. [flichterin ~ flickering; fa' ~ fall]

The Princess Anastasia
Stude in the licht o' the mune, [stood in the light of the moon]
And ane be ane her siller tears [and one by one her silver tears]
Drapp't clear and glisterin. [dropped clear and glistening]

William Soutar

Reproduced with permission from the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland, who hold William Soutar's copyright.

Card ImageYoung voices

The princess Anastasia

Sheena Phillips

treble (SA) chorus & piano

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