A fresh look for Canasg Music

The new website launched today is functionally almost exactly the same as the old one – but it has a new look and it’s easier to navigate around.

In websites as in everything else, fashion is involved. The new site is more spacious and presents things more graphically. 

The listing of each piece now includes a visual cue to the broad category of music that it falls in. A strip of blue winter trees indicates the Christmas / midwinter category. A strip of yellow gorse indicates Scottish or Gaelic music. A slice of planet Earth as seen from space is for our traditional / world category. A row of clipart kids is for music written primarily for young singers. Some stained glass is used for sacred or devotional music. And ‘general’, the bucket for anything else, including new compositions, gets a cheerful swirl of colour from one of Janis Ross‘s images. (The blue winter trees are hers, too.)

abstract image by Janis Ross
Abstract image by Janis Ross

Huge thanks to Dan Wexler, son of John Wexler, who was Canasg’s web maven for many years (and who was also, with his wife Susan, a lynchpin of Rudsambee Company of Singers). Dan redesigned the whole site – and is sticking around in the background to help. I couldn’t possibly have done it without him.

There may well still be some broken internal links. Please let us know – with an email to info@canasg.com or in a comment below – if you come across any of these, or anything else that needs fixing. 

Now jump in and browse the catalogue!

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