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Lassie, lie near me

Music: Peter Hill & Sheena Phillips, Words: Robert Burns (1759-1796)

Voicing: TTBB

Performance time approx: 2m 00s

Range T: d – f' / B1: B♭ – c' / B2: F – a

Price code: B


A simple three part harmonisation of the tune opens out into a four part chorus. This song is one for the boys, and a little innuendo would not go astray in performance.

Lang hae we parted been,[long have]
Lassie, my dearie;
Now we are met again,
Lassie, lie near me.

Near me, near me,
Lassie, lie near me,
Lang hast thou lien thy lane,
[lain alone]
Lassie lie near me.

A' that I hae endured,[all]
Lassie, my dearie,
Here in thy airms is cur'd,[arms]
Lassie, lie near me.

Robert Burns
(based on but adding to a traditional song)

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Lassie, lie near me

Peter Hill


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