Tàladh Chrìosda

Lullaby to the Christ child

Music: Trad. arr. Sheena Phillips, Words: Trad. Gaelic

Voicing: SAB

Performance time approx: 3m 30s

Range S: d' – d'' / A: c' – a' / B: e – d'

Price code: B


Here is a beautiful traditional Gaelic lullaby from the West of Scotland, which addresses the Christ child with the most gorgeous and endearing words. It works with ensembles of any size, and provides a wonderful moment of stillness in a Christmas programme. It’s unusual, but particularly effective, to sing “Alleluia” softly for a change!

We provide scores with the traditional Gaelic words and with our own English version.

The recording is by Rudsambee Company of Singers from the album Dies natalis invicti solis (RUBEECD001).

Canasg also offers quite different settings with English words, for SATB voices with flute and harp or piano and for children’s unison voices with handbells.

Mo ghaol, mo ghràdh is m'eudail thu,
M'iunntas ùr is m'éibhneas thu,
Mo mhacan àlainn ceutach thu,
Chan fhiù mi-fhéin bhith 'd dhàil.


Mo ghaol an t-sùil a sheallas tlàth,
Mo ghaol an cridh' tha liont' le gràdh;
Ged is leanabh thu gun chàil
Is lionmhor buaidh tha ort a' fàs.


traditional Gaelic song


My darling, my love and treasure, you,
My new-found wealth and ecstasy, you,
My gorgeous handsome wee son, you,
I am unworthy to be in your presence.

My love the eye that gently sees,
My love the heart that's filled with affection.
Although you are a helpless child
Many virtues are growing in you.

English lyrics

My darling love and treasure, you,
My wealth and joy, my pleasure, you,
My gorgeous handsome baby, you,
I humbly kneel and bow.


I love your eyes that gently see,
I love your sweet humility,
In hope and love and charity,
You show us how to be.


© Sheena Phillips & Peter Hill 2007

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Tàladh Chrìosda

Sheena Phillips


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